We would like to tell you what the HEX TOKEN project is. We will provide information about the project that aims to add value to your investments by combining blockchain technology and real estate investment transactions platform and explain the HEX TOKEN process of this project.

Many people consider a part of the money they earn as an investment in order to become wealthier or to be ready for any future negative events, and to guarantee the future of their children. The first choice of many people including people in our country in these investments, is the real estate sector. The real estate sector, which grows more and more each year brings large amounts of gains to its investors with this growth. But the real estate prices have risen so much that real estate investment has become a distant investment tool for many people. Now people only dream of these investments.

Now this dream is one step away from you, very close. How?



How about a house with an ocean view in Japan? Are you not interested in the Far East, then apparently a land in the south of Spain will be very valuable, I guess you wouldn't say no to that?

I can hear you say, do we have enough money to invest there, how will we contact those land owners and buy from them. HEXESTATE is preparing a platform and protocol for just such investments.

The HEXESTATE group that is a financial technology company, offers new solutions within the real estate industry. Using blockchain technology, the HEXESTATE group is creating a real estate platform that will bring property owners and investors together for the purpose of buying and selling. On this platform, as the property owners will be able to sell all or a part of the real estate they own the investers will be able to buy a certain amount of their property or invest in a thousandth of it. In other words, you will be able to own 1% of the real estate worth $ 200,000 anywhere in the world, by paying $ 2000.


Of course, the advantages of the HEXESTATE platform and protocol are not limited to these. Now let's talk a little bit about the other advantages.

For example, you all know that there are very high transaction fees in real estate buying and selling businesses. You will minimize these fees thanks to the HEXESTATE token system and protocols, and start to make profits at the first stage.

Thanks to the transparency of blockchain technology, fraud will be prevented.

Thanks to the HEXESTATE portfolio, you will be joining to the Global Real Estate market.

Long-term uncertainty will be avoided with short processing times.

In short, the HEXESTATE group aims to give a democratic impetus to the investment network by removing both borders and limits in the real estate sector.



  • The real estate owners notify the HEXESTATE team that they want to sell their real estate.

  • The relevant property is examined and the real estate value is calculated by the internationally recognized valuation firms assigned by HEXESTATE.

  • Real estate value is tokenized and split into multiple parts.

  • Buyers buy the tokens that represent real estates.

  • Various real estates are traded as tokens on the HEXESTATE platform.

  • The prices of the token are determined according to the buy and sell orders.


Expenditure shares of real estate value.


Expenditure amounts per share of network development.

This team, which sets out to solve the liquidity problems in our real estate investments, takes a revolutionary step by integrating blockchain technology into our traditional investment habits. In addition to the high profits brought by real estate investments, considering that the alternative cryptocurrencies will increase in value due to interest in them increasing, it seems quite possible to offer a profitable investment.